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App Acceleration for a Mobile-First World

Our simple 2-line SDK speeds up app performance on networks around the world.


Boost Revenues

Faster, error-free apps are a major driver of increased revenues. Your users will spend more time in your app, which leads to more conversions, more ad impressions, better reviews and an experience that will keep them sticking around for good.

Retain Your Users

Slow load times, high error rates, broken uploads and sluggish app performance lead to uninstalls and 1-star reviews. Neumob Accelerator helps you keep the customers you already have, and keeps them happy. See how it works.


Speed Apps Everywhere

The Neumob Accelerator SDK connects to our global software network on 6 continents to improve app performance for all your users, no matter where they are. This is mobile app acceleration for both your local users and your users in other countries.


Watch our video.

Learn more about how Neumob helps app owners boost revenues and reduce app churn.

70-90% of Mobile App Latency Occurs in the Mobile Mile.

We're totally focused on conquering the mobile mile. Our entire stack has
been built from the ground up to accelerate apps running on even the
slowest connections - on congested networks, crowded Wi-Fi and everywhere in the world.

App Performance Drives App Retention

How your app performs is the key factor in how often users engage with it, and in how long they’ll keep your app on their smartphones. Neumob’s SDK is built to speed up performance all over the world, helping you to maximize revenues and keep your hard-won users.

Users who uninstall apps due to slow speeds 48%
Users who only try an app 1-2 more times if it doesn't work the first time 79%
Users who use app store ratings to decide which apps to download 84%
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