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The Neumob SDK reduces errors within mobile apps
by up to 90%, everywhere in the world.

The average error rate for a mobile app is between 1-12%, which includes timeouts – when an app’s responses effectively “freeze”, and forces the user to refresh or navigate elsewhere, since images or other content can’t be delivered. Errors are especially troublesome on the world’s 3G and 2G mobile networks.

Other errors include images that don’t load; uploads that never complete; even large black spaces where advertisements should be. These error rates are highly variable, and they depend on network conditions – but there’s an easy way to normalize them, while bringing them down dramatically.

Neumob’s 2-line SDK cuts your app’s error rate by up to 90%, especially on the world’s slower networks.

See what Neumob can do to reduce your app’s errors, and timeouts. Our Free Metrics Mode lets you get started with measurement right now.

Let’s talk about your app’s challenges and how we can help – get in touch, and we’ll be back to you ASAP.