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Media, News, and Sports Apps – The State of Real-Time Information and Mobility in 2017

Who would have thought that we’d arrive at a point in which news and sports content was primarily consumed within mobile apps – even more so than online or in print?

news_sports_media_fanned_smIn 2017, it is mobility – and specifically, mobile apps – that shapes the way that newsrooms are reorganizing, the way sports leagues are building fan bases and the way users around the world get their real-time information every day.

What do those app users actually think about media, news and sports apps they’re using? What happens when they don’t work – and how abruptly are users willing to switch their allegiances to new apps?

This new white paper provides the results of an exclusive survey that answers these and other questions, while also taking a bigger look at media, news and sports apps: what’s popular, what’s dying, and what impact the rapid shift to mobile app-based consumption has on the larger news and sports information ecosystem.