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A Mobile CDN Speeds Everything in Your App — Including Your Third-Party Calls

Because mobile apps are primarily how we play, work and communicate,
the shortcomings of legacy website CDNs for mobile app acceleration
are becoming all too clear.

Mobile apps are different. They’re not websites. The way content travels from the internet to the mobile network and to a user’s device is fundamentally a different problem to solve than the 1990s internet was for CDNs. Accelerating websites is about caching objects. Accelerating apps is not.

Cloud latency and packet loss, retransmission and congestion are issues that occur in spades when a session travels from the app’s data center to the user’s device. These problems are greatly compounded in the developing world, on slow mobile networks.

Apps also include dozens of third-party calls — everything from ad networks to analytics tools to content feeds. Accelerating everything in an app — including third-party calls — can be done via a mobile app-focused SDK. Not by calling upon a CDN.

Neumob: A Mobile-First CDN

Many website CDNs will brag about “mobile mobile mobile” in their marketing, and yet they mean mobile web – not mobile apps.

The dirty secret in the legacy CDN world is that while you can accelerate one domain (great for a website!), you can’t do anything about those third-party calls (bad news for an app!).


Neumob is a true mobile CDN. We accelerate everything on behalf of an app’s users, because once an app has installed our simple 2-line SDK, it’s off to the races. You’ll see performance gains of 30-300% and dramatically reduced errors — which translates into higher revenues, more in-app transactions, reduced churn and happier users.

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