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Why are you living with slow apps?

Install the 2-line Neumob SDK, and instantly boost your app’s speed and
performance by 30%-300%. Or start out with our free Metrics Mode to get detailed analytics on your current
app performance, everywhere in the world.

FREE Metrics Mode

Uncover actual network measurements for your app broken down by country, carrier, URL, network type and more. A great place to start if you’d like to measure your users’ actual experience.


App Acceleration Mode

Ready to speed up your app’s performance, and reduce errors and timeouts? Your users will be glad you did. It’s easy to get you up & running with the right plan.


Which version of the Neumob SDK is right for you?

If you’re ready to keep your hard-won users and start driving maximum revenues,
we’ve got what you need. Let’s talk.

Feature List Free Metrics Mode App Acceleration Mode
SDK Yes Yes
App Performance & Speed Metrics - Up to 1mm requests/month Yes Yes
Access to Neumob Portal Yes Yes
Delivery from all Global POPs No Yes
Comprehensive App Acceleration No Yes
Advanced Content Control No Yes
Comprehensive Access Controls No Yes
Custom Configuration No Yes
Access to Raw Logs No Yes
24/7 Unlimited Support No Yes
Service SLA No Yes

Unsure if your app even has a performance problem?

Sign up for a free performance analysis and we’ll help you find out.