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What does it take to reduce an app’s
errors, timeouts and churn?

The Neumob SDK is a purpose-built solution designed exclusively to bring a beautiful and smooth user experience to mobile apps.


At Neumob, we’ve seen that our customers’ average (pre-Neumob) error rates for their mobile apps hover between 1-12%. This includes timeouts – when an app’s responses effectively “freeze”, and forces the user to refresh or navigate elsewhere, since images or other content can’t be delivered.

Reduce Error RatesThese error rates are highly variable and depend on network conditions. In the United States, we typically see 1% error rates, whereas in India, China, and on challenging networks in Europe and Asia, we see error rates up to a frustrating 12%.

High error rates are not acceptable for today’s mobile app customers. They’ll quickly take their app usage to a competitor’s app or elsewhere if they’re made to suffer through annoying errors and timeouts. A whopping 79% of consumers say they’ll only try an app 1-2 more times if it doesn’t work the first time. A recent Neumob survey even found that 63% of travel app users had deleted travel apps from their smartphones due to poor performance.

Neumob dramatically reduces errors in mobile apps by up to 90%

Neumob brought the app error rate down by 90% for a large, well-known UK-based gambling app, and not merely on 2G and 3G networks, but even on congested 4G/LTE networks around the world. This dramatic reduction in poor in-app experience has been a major factor in keeping this business’ users happy, active and spending more money within the app.



See what Neumob can do to reduce your app’s errors, timeouts and churn.

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