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How Neumob Works

Neumob is the leader in speeding up mobile apps, reducing errors and boosting conversions. The Neumob SDK speeds up the load times, reliability and performance of mobile apps everywhere in the world, helping app owners keep their hard-won users and drive maximum revenues.

Traditional website CDNs do an excellent job concentrating on the first mile and the middle mile, but they don’t have an app-centric solution for that final mile – the “mobile mile” – between the edge of the internet and the user’s device. Mobile internet, yes – apps, no.

Cloud latency and packet loss, retransmission and congestion are issues that occur when a session travels from the app’s data center to the user’s device. These problems are greatly compounded in the developing world, on slow mobile networks.

Moreover, the TCP/IP protocol that the internet and CDNs rely on was created over 40 years ago, and wasn’t designed to handle the complexities of the modern mobile internet, which requires lots of requests/responses and “handshakes” just to deliver one object. Apps typically have 20-50 objects and third-party calls, and mobile makes this problem 4 times worse.

We have a purpose-built solution for the first, middle and last miles traveled in every session. The Neumob SDK is the world’s first end-to-end accelerator for app owners and developers. It provides a mobile app with instant access to acceleration and error reduction features at all stages of the mobile delivery process—the first mile, middle mile and last (mobile) mile.

By eliminating latency in each mobile delivery stage, we dramatically reduce frustrating in-app errors, slow load times, failed uploads and app timeouts, whether an app and its users are located within the same city or on different continents.



Neumob dramatically reduces errors and timeouts in mobile apps.


Getting Started is Easy

Neumob Supports the Broadest Array of Mobile Platforms

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Where to Find the Neumob SDK

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Neumob makes the task of measuring and accelerating mobile app performance extremely simple. An app owner needs only to download the Neumob SDK, install the SDK’s two lines of code onto an app, and release the app update.

Once the update is released, anyone with access can open the Neumob Portal and find real-time measurements of app speed, performance and error rates, everywhere in the world. Or get started in App Acceleration Mode right away – it’s extremely easy to get going. Learn more here.

Sign up to start measuring and accelerating now, or learn more about how to get up and running in no time: