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The Neumob SDK

The Neumob SDK is an end-to-end accelerator that speeds up the load times, reliability and performance of mobile apps everywhere in the world, helping app owners keep their hard-won users and drive maximum revenues.

The Neumob SDK features our custom-built, machine learning-driven Neumob Protocol and 3-PoP WAN Acceleration to the
device. Your app’s content travels the most optimum & accelerated route to the user’s device through our
global acceleration network. All delivered through a simple, 2-line SDK that puts the final point of presence
(“PoP”) right in your users’ smartphones.


Neumob Machine Learning Content Routing

Neumob makes it easy for app owners to accelerate traffic only where they need it most, while our global acceleration
network analyzes traffic & routing conditions in real time, and uses machine learning to find the very fastest route between your content and your
customer – even on the world’s 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks. This dramatically decreases response time, while dramatically
increasing user satisfaction and mobile app performance.

Looking to start accelerating your mobile apps, boosting your app revenues and retaining the users you’ve worked so hard to acquire?

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