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Neumob Boosts Avant Arte’s App Speed by 49% Around the World

In-app performance sped up by 88% across the United States

avant_arte1Avant Arte is a mobile platform for art lovers, with a well-loved iOS app available everywhere in the world. Art lovers are able to view and swipe through world-renown paintings, mixed media and other forms of art, while connecting with artists, galleries and museums directly through the app.

Avant Arte leverages a hugely successful Instagram community with over 250,000 followers, which was recently dubbed the one of the most influential art communities on Instagram by The Huffington Post.

The company’s goals are to make all art accessible to anyone in the world; to connect people with art and the artists they love; and to empower artists and creatives to share their dreams with the world.

The Challenge

Ahead of its upcoming global Android app launch, Avant Arte wanted to ensure strong uptake of its iOS app around the world, with the United States in particular being a key growth area for the company. Some of its biggest app performance challenges happened to be in the US – even on faster 4G and LTE networks.

Because the Avant Arte app heavily relies on images, and performs thousands of daily requests back and forth between the app’s users and its backend, every optimization in that communication path was essential in making sure that users see images quickly. Slow in-app performance is the kiss of death for apps such as Avant Arte’s, and the company was facing some challenges on particularly congested US wireless networks.

With a goal to make all art accessible to anyone in the world, Avant Arte further needed to be able to offer the perfect experience to everyone, no matter their location. Co-Founder Nico Veenman said it was important in working with Neumob that “all communication to our backend should be flawless, and greatly optimized”.

The Results

Avant Arte installed Neumob’s 2-line SDK, and within days were seeing outstanding performance and speed gains around the world. The app ran 49% faster overall, and 88% faster in their targeted market of the United States. This was across 3G, 4G, LTE and WiFi networks. The speed gains were most impressive and widespread on the AT&T and Sprint networks, both home to millions of potential Avant Arte users.

Because of Neumob’s virtualized global acceleration network on 6 continents, Neumob also helped save Avant Arte money by reducing the need for them to relocate data centers.

avant_arte2With requests now sped up, Avant Arte co-founder Nico Veenman reported a “more smooth and snappy user experience” for its customers, and found that Neumob offered them better scalability along with great performance, “which means that we can keep offering a great user experience while growing”.

Neumob’s ability to dramatically accelerate the load times of our app was just the boost we needed to help our in-app conversion rates and reduce our app churn. Our customers are browsing more pages, and are increasing their activity now that Avant Arte’s app includes an even faster user experience than it did before.

Nico Veenman,
Co-Founder, Avant Arte