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Neumob Delivers Targeted App Acceleration on Slow Networks for Movivo by Dramatically Improving Speeds

Third-party calls sped up by nearly 300%

Movivo: Helping global consumers discover new mobile content and earn free mobile airtime

Movivo image 2Movivo is a popular “social good” app for Android, targeted at developing and non-Western developed countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia and elsewhere. It allows consumers in these markets to discover new mobile content and easily earn credits on the Movivo platform, then use those credits to reload their phones with top-up time or additional internet usage. Users view offers or ads from NGOs and companies, and fill out surveys in exchange for much-needed internet or top-up time – all delivered through Movivo’s exceptionally easy and user-friendly interface.

Movivo has integrated with telecoms operators around the world to provide their services to as many people as possible and are constantly adding new partners, as well as evolving their offerings to consumers.

The Challenge: Lessen the Impact of Third-Party Calls and Deliver a Great User Experience on Slow Networks

Movivo has worked very diligently to ensure that their server calls were as quick and as lightweight as possible, yet have a number of integrated third parties whom they use alongside and integrated within the app. The team at Movivo has little control over how quick or slow those third-party calls are, nor in how much information is transmitted from them. They consequently found that their app was far slower and less robust than they’d like it to be in certain parts of the world.

The Movivo team reached out to Neumob for help, and integrated our simple 2-line SDK and immediately deployed it via an Android update to their global user base, while using the Neumob Accelerator dashboard to precisely target acceleration in those areas in which they were seeing the worst performance. The hope was that Neumob Accelerator would make a small difference in speeding up performance. In the words of Movivo CTO Paul Johnston, “It made much more of an immediate impact than we anticipated.”

The Results: Precise Focus on Third-Party Calls and Slow Networks

Movivo image 1Movivo saw massive speed improvement in the third party data consumed and utilized within the app, which in turn significantly improved overall speeds in those markets where they needed it most. Targeted third-party providers were on average 300% faster around the world. These gains in third-party speeds fed overall improvements such as in Brazil, where Neumob Accelerator sped up load times and in-app performance by 67%; Singapore, where Neumob sped up the Movivo app by 51%; and in Vietnam, where the Movivo app experienced a 33.5% gain in performance.

In Australia the app even performed 100% faster than it did before Neumob. Johnston says that Neumob “improved speeds for certain types of calls; in key ones it’s made a massive difference. Our users have definitely had a faster, more improved experience”.

“Neumob allows us to consider possible uses for our technology that we wouldn’t have considered before. We can get a better and more improved app out to the people whom we’re looking to deliver it to. We can even now consider delivering video. We don’t have to restrict ourselves any longer, because we know we can get improvements using Neumob Accelerator”

Paul Johnston,
Movivo CTO