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Neumob-Driven 60% Increase in App Speed Boosts Session Lengths and App Engagement for ReelMe

In-app errors plummeted by up to 90% for casting and auditioning app

auditionsReelMe is a casting and auditioning app for actors and directors that lets anyone post and audition for acting roles. Actors can use the app on their mobile to rehearse with a built-in teleprompter, audition for roles and submit video auditions directly to the casting professional with a single tap. Filmmakers and casting professionals can post character breakdowns and quickly pre-screen, shortlist and rate actors, all conveniently accomplished right within the app.

The ReelMe app is currently available for iOS phones (the app for Android is coming soon) in Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Italy, Malta, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States. The UK has been a particular early focus for the company, and is an area with high mobile app congestion, particularly in the crowded urban areas such as London where so many actors and casting professionals call home.

The Challenge

The initial app load time is particularly crucial for ReelMe, as it showcases user practice auditions.

listTony Ferrieri, ReelMe’s founder, says “We wanted that experience to be instantly immersive by having video thumbnails and videos load and display as quickly as possible. Further, actors need to be able to record and submit their video auditions seamlessly, so they can stay in state for multiple takes. Filmmakers and casting professionals similarly need to be able to scan through video submissions to make lightning-fast casting decisions”.

The shortcomings of the app’s status quo on the world’s mobile networks were quickly apparent to Tony and his team.

“ReelMe is all about receiving timely feedback and making efficient casting decisions. There’s an undeniable gratification when you can quickly view and submit video auditions. Capturing user attention inside a new app is difficult, but being sluggish is just asking for disengagement. Being responsive is part of our value proposition now.

We experimented with conventional speed measures like restricting video quality, but the results were visually toaster-like. Neumob has saved the day in that we can now have both speed and decent video quality”.

The Results

Neumob’s 2-line SDK was quickly and easily installed within the ReelMe iOS app code, and the results were quick and dramatic. After installation, ReelMe saw spikes both in time spent within the app, and in average session length. The app performed 60% faster within the UK market, in particular, and saw a reduction of its in-app errors by up to 90%, depending on the market and device mix within that market. This has had undeniable benefits for everyone using the app, and for ReelMe themselves.

To Tony Ferrieri and the team at Reel Me, “…that means users are sticking around to watch and record videos without the hurdles of delays. We’ve also heard that tab switching even feels more responsive and stable, as users aren’t waiting as long for screens to populate. Users are also engaging with each other more by viewing other people’s auditions and leaving feedback.”

“Neumob fosters an in-app experience of instant gratification and validation – which are time-sensitive feelings for actors, filmmakers and casting professionals. With Neumob, we’ll be able to scale with confidence knowing that our users are able to go through our feature funnels fluidly and without hurdles.”

Tony Ferrieri,
Founder, ReelMe