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TiZKKA: A Feature-Rich App Designed for Fashion, Community and Commerce

Neumob Boosts User Satisfaction & Retention by Improving Speeds by 92%

TiZKKA is a mobile app-based fashion community where users get inspired by discovering the latest trends, by sharing their looks and by receiving advice from the world’s fashionistas. TiZKKA is a unique platform on which users strive for their daily “15 seconds of fame”.

iphone_grande_inspiracion_enIn the near future, fashion influencers will be able to match their looks with products from TiZKKA’s e-commerce partners, enabling users to seamlessly purchase these items, in-app with just one tap. These influencers will earn a sales commission after each purchase.

TiZKKA was recognized in 2016 by Fast Company as being one of Latin America’s Most Innovative Companies. TiZKKA is accessed on a daily basis by users from over 40 countries, and monthly from more than 100 countries. The app is available on iOS, Android and on the web.

The Challenge: Speed Up Slow App Performance Across Latin America

mini-iphones_634x570 (1)With its strong emphasis on fashion imagery and eye-popping graphics, TiZKKA found that its users expected to see everything in their apps now, without having to wait. Most of the app’s users are based across Latin America, while most of the data centers serving its content are located in the United States. The app’s users are used to high-speed internet on desktop, and therefore have an expectation for fast responses for everything they do online, including from within the TiZKKA app.

“We didn’t want our users to suffer due to poor latency, which in turn would affect their sessions”, explains Gabriel Roizner, TiZKKA co-founder and CEO. “The main differences that separate great and not-so-great apps are UI/UX and performance/speed. We wanted to make sure we were excelling in both areas”.

The Neumob Difference: Dramatically Faster In-App Response Times and Increased User Satisfaction

TiZKKA began working with Neumob in late 2015 to help address the app performance challenges the company was facing across Latin America. TiZKKA incorporated Neumob’s simple 2-line app acceleration SDK within its iOS and Android apps, and released them to the respective app stores.

Site LoginThe results speak for themselves. Neumob accelerated TiZKKA’s in-app response times by 92%, across multiple countries, thanks to Neumob Accelerator’s proprietary protocol and its truly global acceleration network that’s designed to help boost app performance even on the world’s slowest networks. The net result was that “the app works considerably faster, and our users love it”, according to Roizner.

This has in turn led to a boost in the app’s retention rate and in more satisfied users. TiZKKA uses Neumob’s simple dashboard and comprehensive access controls, allowing them to control app performance and target TiZKKA acceleration on a global, per-region, per-country or even a local scale.

“Neumob has had a direct positive influence on our company’s KPIs. Our users have noted to us on numerous occasions that the app is now faster, which leads to a more enjoyable experience and as a consequence, the frequency of use and the engagement is higher. Neumob is a key provider for TiZKKA.”

Gabriel Roizner,
Co-Founder & CEO, TiZKKA