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Video Library

Neumob’s video library is where app owners can gain valuable app acceleration insights, as well as understanding on how to address mobile app performance issues that are leading to lost revenues and mobile app churn.

Need new ideas and tips? This is the place to start.
Neumob – App Acceleration for a Mobile-First World Save your mobile apps from certain extinction, while boosting revenues and app retention in the process. This short video provides all the introductory background needed to show just how Neumob works.
How Does an App Owner Achieve Success on the World’s Slower Mobile Networks? By precision acceleration targeting. Neumob’s Holly Scrutton has the details.
Why App Acceleration is Crucial for Ad-Monetized Apps Neumob’s Gautam Rishi explains that if your ads never arrive, you don’t get paid.
What Does App Performance Have To Do With App Retention? Neumob’s Paul Goodson explains.
Should You Use a Traditional Website CDN for Mobile App Acceleration? It’s worth exploring mobile-first alternatives, says Neumob’s Tom Catterall.
Why Do Some Apps Need More Performance Than Others?
Neumob’s Gautam Rishi has some ideas.
Fixing The Basics: Fundamentals in Mobile
Neumob CEO Jeff Kim and Accel Partners’ Rich Wong discuss some current topics, trends and challenges from the front lines of mobile-first infrastructure.