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Who Uses Neumob

Learn about the different types of apps currently boosting revenues & retaining more users with Neumob.


Financial Trading

Today’s financial and Forex traders want on-the-go capabilities for trading anywhere and everywhere they roam. Apps that cannot provide high performance, availability and trading convenience under all conditions – even on the world’s slower networks – will be left behind by the majority of traders. As a result, financial trading and Forex companies with fast apps have a distinct competitive advantage over those that don’t. Learn more.


Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Today, more than 50 percent of travelers across Australia, Canada, the US and UK rely on mobile apps to enhance their travel experience. That number swells to over 60 percent among millennial travelers. But delivering the full breadth and depth of information and experiences drags on TTH app performance. To succeed, companies need to optimize app performance for customers regardless of their location, network, or device type.
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To win in this market, traditional gaming operators and innovative technology companies are battling for the attention of mobile’s most impatient consumers. It’s clear that both sports betting app and casino app players require ultra-high speed from their mobile apps. Gaming operators who succeed in optimizing app performance will earn customer loyalty in the fast-developing app market and position themselves to maintain player loyalty for years to come. Learn more.


Media, News & Sports

The shift to media consumption within mobile apps, as opposed to via print or on the desktop web, has happened so quickly that even established media leaders are still formulating their mobile app strategies in real time. Media, news and sports apps struggle with app congestion during peak commute hours and when news is breaking – and they can’t afford to deliver a story or a video slowly, or their users will quickly leave their app for a different one. Learn more.



Social apps, which includes everything from dating applications to social media feeds to picture-sharing sites and beyond – are where consumers now spend a huge amount of their time. The millennial generation in particular hates mobile app latency, and will quickly shut down an app and move on to a competitor’s app if their feeds, pictures and videos aren’t loading quickly. Make sure they’re staying with your app. Learn more.


Mobile Commerce and Retail

e-Commerce consumers are making huge shifts to mobile commerce as their preferred means of shopping, and with that shift, are even using mobile apps within stores for instant deals and price comparisons. Their demands for app performance have grown more stringent. Over 70% of shoppers expect app response times in the sub-3-second range, and nearly half will uninstall a slow-performing app. To avoid high rates of shopping cart abandonment, mobile commerce and retail marketers are making app performance a top priority. Learn more.


Enterprise Apps

There’s no doubt that mobile is changing the way Enterprise apps are being delivered. Instead of top-down purchasing decisions led by CTOs and CIOs, application users are holding more sway over purchase decisions. It’s the classic “pull” market scenario. Today’s Enterprise mobile users demand on-the-go capabilities to do their business anywhere, any time. As a result, Enterprise/SaaS vendors with fast mobile apps have a distinct competitive advantage over those that don’t. Learn more.



The majority of apps in the world’s app stores aren’t making their money solely from paid downloads, nor from in-app purchases. They’re often monetizing in whole or in part via in-app advertisements, and the ways in which these ads are presented to users is evolving as well. Native ads, video interstitials and other formats are making the in-app advertising experience far more robust and less intrusive – yet this enhanced monetization functionality often comes at a cost. Learn more.