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Ad-Monetized Apps

If Your Ads Never Arrive, You Don’t Get Paid

The majority of apps in the world’s app stores aren’t making their money solely from paid downloads, nor from in-app purchases. They’re often monetizing in whole or in part via in-app advertisements, and the ways in which these ads are presented to users is evolving as well. Native ads, video interstitials and other formats are making the in-app advertising experience far more robust and less intrusive – yet this enhanced monetization functionality often comes at a cost.

When users are stuck with slow loading and poor response times, sometimes due to the number of third-party calls to ad networks, it’s not merely the user experience (and your app’s reputation) that suffers. The ad networks that are serving up native, banner and interstitial ads in your apps can’t serve their ads, either. That means that the user’s session hasn’t been monetized, and that you, the app owner, don’t get credit for an impression (let alone a click on that ad). There’s an explicit linkage between slow app performance, user retention and lowered revenues, and app owners who don’t address this lose on multiple fronts.

Accelerating Advertising-Monetized App Performance

Neumob has built the world’s first end-to-end accelerator designed to speed ad-monetized apps, from games to video apps to news/sports readers to shopping apps and beyond. The Neumob Accelerator provides an app with instant access to acceleration features at all stages of the mobile delivery process—the first mile, middle mile and last mile.

By eliminating latency in each mobile delivery stage, the Accelerator speeds advertising-monetized apps by 30-300%, whether an app and its users are located within the same city or on different continents.

The Neumob Accelerator delivers consistent speed, because we purpose-built it as a “mobile-first” product. To understand how mobile-first acceleration better supports your app and your revenue and retention goals, read our white paper.