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Forex apps don’t need to struggle with dropped trades
and low availability any longer.

We have reached the point where 40-50% of all financial and foreign exchange trades are completed on mobile – but there’s a catch.

As currencies change in value, Financial Trading and Forex companies must provide lightning-fast app performance to traders who rely on up-to-date information and quick transaction speeds. This is especially true in mobile-first markets in Asia, which represents the fastest-growing market for trades. For companies and traders alike, forex app speed is money in the financial market. In fact, financial trading and forex companies lose millions of dollars per day due to failed or dropped trades during times of currency fluctuations.

Today’s financial and forex traders want on-the-go capabilities for trading anywhere and everywhere they roam. Apps that cannot provide high performance, availability and trading convenience under all conditions will be left behind by the majority of traders. As a result, financial trading companies with fast apps have a distinct monetary and competitive advantage over those that don’t.

Are you doing everything you can to keep the users you’ve earned?

mobile_commerce_image_2Find out with Neumob’s free performance analysis on your mobile app. We’ll take a look at your current app latency and performance to see what sort of speed improvements are possible in various countries – and how those improvements can translate into your bottom-line app revenue, conversion and retention goals.

You simply provide us with your app’s name, along with some contact information, and we’ll be in touch with your analysis, along with an anonymous benchmark report on your app’s performance versus its peers in the financial trading app industry.

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