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Gambling apps with a faster time-to-bet than their competitors
will earn the edge – and higher revenues.

Gambling – including sports betting, casino games and much more – has rapidly migrated from physical spaces to the smartphone in your hand. Traditional gaming operators and innovative technology companies are battling for the attention of mobile’s most impatient – and money-sensitive consumers.

Speed is money for gambling apps. Getting a faster time-to-bet than another player can often be the difference between winning big and losing badly. Slow network speeds, or otherwise congested mobile networks can make app-based gambling a dicey proposition at times, especially in Asia and on the world’s slower networks.

Gambling app speed really matters. An app’s revenues and retention depends on delighting customers with a first-rate gambling or wagering experience. Neumob’s mobile app acceleration SDK is the key to faster time-to-bet, happier customers and a dramatic reduction in revenue-killing app abandonment.

Are you doing everything you can to keep the users you’ve earned?

mobile_commerce_image_2Find out with Neumob’s free performance analysis on your mobile app. We’ll take a look at your current app latency and performance to see what sort of speed improvements are possible in various countries – and how those improvements can translate into your bottom-line app revenue, conversion and retention goals.

You simply provide us with your app’s name, along with some contact information, and we’ll be in touch with your analysis, along with an anonymous benchmark report on your app’s performance versus its peers in the gambling app industry.

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