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Mobile Apps Drive Media Consumption in 2017. Is Yours Meeting Your Customers’ Expectations?

news_media_phoneImg2The shift to media consumption within mobile apps, as opposed to via print or on the desktop web, has happened so quickly that even established media leaders are still formulating their mobile app strategies in real time. Media, news and sports apps especially struggle with app congestion during peak commute hours and when news is breaking – and they can’t afford to deliver a story or a video slowly, or their users will quickly leave their app for a different one.

News and sports apps usually bring in dozens of third-party calls – from content feeds to images, videos, and other SDKs – and these necessary calls unfortunately also slow down app performance, particularly during peak hours, or on the world’s slower networks.

Accelerating Media, News and Sports Mobile App Performance

Neumob has built the world’s first end-to-end accelerator specifically designed to address the performance needs of mobile apps. The Neumob Accelerator provides media, news and sports apps with instant access to acceleration features at all stages of the mobile delivery process—the first mile, middle mile and last mile.


By eliminating latency in each mobile delivery stage, the Neumob Accelerator speeds apps by a factor of 30-300%, whether an app and its users are located within the same city or on different continents.

Neumob Accelerator delivers high availability and exceptionally low latency, because we purpose-built it as a “mobile-first” solution for your mobile app. To understand how mobile-first acceleration will supercharge your app, let’s talk. You can also sign up for a free performance analysis, or dig deeper into our solutions here.