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Social apps rely on fast, frictionless performance,
even on the world’s slowest networks.

Social apps, which includes everything from dating applications to social media feeds to picture-sharing sites and beyond – are where consumers now spend a huge amount of their time. The millennial generation in particular hates mobile app latency, and will quickly shut down an app and move on to a competitor’s app if their feeds, pictures and videos aren’t loading quickly.

The problem of social app latency is especially acute when congestion is heavy and networks are clogged – think peak commute hours, or during times when lots of smartphone users are all in the same space looking at their feeds. This is when a faster load time and quicker in-app responses can make all the difference, and help keep social app users in your app longer.

Is your app doing everything it can to keep the users you’ve earned?

mobile_commerce_image_2Find out with Neumob’s free performance analysis on your mobile app. We’ll take a look at your current app latency and performance to see what sort of speed improvements are possible in various countries – and how those improvements can translate into your bottom-line app revenue, conversion and retention goals.

You simply provide us with your app’s name, along with some contact information, and we’ll be in touch with your analysis, along with an anonymous benchmark report on your app’s performance versus its peers in the social app industry. Sign up now!