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SaaS in a Mobile App World: The Game Has Changed

What the convergence of SaaS & mobility means for mobile app owners/developers

SaaS Whitepaper imageThe continued trend toward the mobilization of virtually everything is fast converging with a profound surge in the adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. The impact of Mobile-SaaS convergence is that organizations of all sizes are leveraging new, critical mobile applications that maximize employee productivity and spur business growth. This is leading to an explosion in new SaaS mobile apps with their own unique performance needs.

SaaS mobile app companies around the world are selling into a world in which 80% of employees are non-desk workers, 50% of APAC workers will have smartphones by 2020 and many important markets are already characterized as “mobile first.”

However, some key challenges remain which SaaS mobile app developers and owners must address in order to fend off competitors and keep app usage and retention high. This new white paper dives into the brave new world of SaaS mobile apps, and offer practical research and solutions to help anyone interested in this convergence know where things are going and where to focus next.