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The State of Advertising-Monetized Apps

What App Owners Need To Know to Maximize Revenues

Despite widespread fears that ad blockers would creep from mobile web browsers into mobile apps, and thereby kill off banner ads and other ad types, the mobile advertising market has experienced a boom that is forecast to continue to explode through 2020.

ad_monetized_WP_imgRecent years, as this new paper from Neumob makes clear, have marked a dramatic turn in how consumers and advertisers have evolved their mobile apps to both enhance the user experience and maximize brand reach.

To optimize ad revenue while maintaining strong app-user loyalty, app owners must ensure their mobile app delivery infrastructure is designed to meet the requirements and challenges of the new modes of advertising, particularly in ensuring that ad calls load quickly over the world’s mobile networks. As the saying goes – if your ad doesn’t display, you don’t get paid.

We’ll take a look at specific mobile advertising trends, both across and within specific industries — and what advertising-monetized app developers need to do to retain their hard-won and increasingly demanding users.